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Aveiro Private Tour From Porto

Quick Details

Private Tour Up to 3 People per group

Discover The Beauty of Aveiro and its Surrounding

On the way to Aveiro from Porto you will appreciate several beautiful places of Portugal. We stop in some spots like Espinho, where we see the Casino, and where we take a coffee while we are in front of the beach. Then, we stop in Santa Maria da Feira, where you hear more about the castle and learn some about the city.

We also stop in Ovar, the city of Carnival and Sponge Cake and here we have a lot of surprises for you. First, we show you Esmoriz, with its Bucaquinho Park, a natural park, and also the Barrinha walkway near the beach.

Then, we do not lose the opportunity to show you Furadouro and its beach, but the best is the last part of the trip, because we pass on the Ria de Aveiro and you can admire the vegetation and the birds from this point.

In Aveiro, you learn more about the center, the Soft Egs production, the Forum, and if you want you can take a boat trip where you can learn more about the city along to the channels. We will not finish our day tour before we go to Agueda, the city of umbrellas, where you can admire the modern art of the city.